Privacy Policy

✈ Data Security & Privacy

Whenever personal information is collected, Fly-Belts is working on protecting them, and not providing them to any other thrid party, except Paypal. We reserve the right to change those Terms and urge you therefore to refer to them regularly.

✈ Transaction Security

We offer a secure online payment through Paypal using the latest technologies available, including the data exchange protocol SSL. The SSL server software sales (or "crypts") the data, using algorithms, for all the information you enter (bank, address, etc ...) before sending them via internet. Once encrypted, the information remains scrambled during transmission over the web and can only be read by our server with a decryption key that is unique. Encryption is done using SSL security keys 3.0 RC4, RSA 128-bit - 512 bit exchange: the version of SSL is offering the highest level of security now. You're assured to buy your aircraft style seat belts in complete confidentiality and security.

✈ Protection of privacy and personal data

Internet Information System for Fly-Belts is registered with the CNIL (French National Commission for Data Privacy). In accordance with the Act of January 6th 1978, relating to data, files and Freedoms (sections 39 and 40), you have a right of access, rectification and withdrawal data for you. By simple electronic mail via the Help and Contact link in the footer of the site. You can download the LAW No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms on the LegiFrance website.

✈ Personal information collected on this site

Fly-Belts collects several types of information through its various online services. Fly-Belts is concerned to protect the personal information you provide us. In this context, we pledge to respect the confidentiality of data transmitted. You always keep complete control over your information. By the choices you make and the information we keep, you allow us to know you better and to better meet your expectations. The information we request on our site can be : - Title, name, date of birth, address, telephone, - Your delivery address, - Your email address (personal or professional) useful to receive an order confirmation for all correspondence and subscription service,... - A history of purchases you've made, the site pages you visited and the type of browser you use, - Correspondence concerning the e-mail: the content of your emails, your address and our responses.

✈ Information processing

The information collected can be used for the purpose of promotional communication, commercial or information from Fly-Belts subsidiary only, and via different medias. We may use this data to all kinds of studies to constantly improve our services.

✈ Legal Obligations

In the French and European legal framework, Fly-Belts is committed to secure and protect personal data of all its customers. A number of data are required to enable the order and make the contract of sale. Customers can, under law, use their right to object to such transmission. This may result in cancellation of the order, which Fly-Belts cannot be held responsibile for, including all costs of delivery.

FLY-BELTS is bound to the French and European legal framework, to secure and protect personal data of its clients, said that a number of data are required to allow their reservations and make the contract of carriage, and that the right of opposition which they have under Article 26 of Law No. 17 of 78-January 6, 1978 relating to data files and freedoms, would lead to cancel their order or some of the services requested.

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