Travel further with the Interchangeables Pack

You name the cities of the world only by their airport's code : JFK, MEX, CDG or BKK have no more secrets for you. When asked how often you travel, you simply answer : "I'm platinum". You know the most comfortable seats for all types of aircrafts or you can identify an airline only by looking at the crew outfit.

Plane landing on an airport runway ar sunset

For the most frequent travelers, Fly-Belts has created an interchangeable pack : 2 belts to select among our available colors, along with a buckle, working for both webbings. You can then match your wearable aircraft seat belt with you everyday clothes and fly away to distant heavens. These belts will allow you to have a unique style while saving you hours in your wardrobe. Sit back comfortably on your seat, take-off is immediate.

Interchangeables Product Page

Child wearing a fashionnable aircraft seat belt in front of a plane

World map travel dream.
Interchangeables pack airline seat belt brown black
Packshot view of interchangeables pack airline seat belt, black and red colors
Interchangeables pack airline seat belt many colors.
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