Safety instructions ... but danced !

18 April 2013
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18 April 2013, Comments: 0

Passengers boarding on Cebu-Pacific Air flights, company based in the Philippines, were surprised to see the usual & boring safety instructions video replaced by a catchy dance of the cabin crew. The charming hostesses are dancing this demonstration on Just Dance by Lady Gaga. This is an accessible way to attract the attention of passengers during what is usually a standard procedure.

This buzz has been carefully studied, but it also teaches good reflexes in case of danger : “We’ve always been a company that likes to entertain families. Reactions were very positive. Passengers have paid much attention to the instructions of flight attendants” said Candice Iyog, in charge of marketing for the airline.

But the hostesses dancing was not to everyone’s taste in the Philippines. Feminist political party Gabriela said that this is a “promotional tool of poor quality“, calling the company Cebu “a purveyor of sexist stereotypes.” Cebu Pacific Air, has responded by … making its male stewards dance! But it has ten times less views on Youtube the female version.


This is a retranscription of the video’s safety instructions :

Ladies and gentlemen, please, direct your attention to the cabin crew, who will demonstrate the safety features of this aircraft. Each seat is provided with a seat-belt. To fasten, push ends together. Tighten seat-belt by pulling loose end and, to unfasten, lift the whole buckle and pull free end to release.

In the unlikely event of a water landing, use your individual life vest found under your seat. Remove sharp objects from your body. Put it on, slide the vest over your head. Take the tapes around the waist and push ends to buckle. Pull tape to tighten. When outside the aircraft, jerk inflation jacks to inflate the vest. Manual inflation tubes are found on both sides. Blow to increase air. Push pins inward to release air. Lights will automatically illuminate once the battery tab is immersed in water. Do not inflate the vests inside the aircraft. Please, be reminded that unauthorised removal of life vest from this aircraft is a criminal offense.

The cabin is pressurized, should there be a rapid change in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will automatically drop from the compartments above you. When this happens immediately grab the mask, pull it towards you, put it over your nose and mouth and breathe normally. If you are travelling with a child, first put on your own mask and then the child’s mask. Keep the mask on until you are advised to remove it. Please take note of the emergency exits marked along each side of this cabin, and the exit nearest to you.

For further information, please, refer to the safety instruction card found in the seat pocket in front of you. For your information, there are slide-rafts in this aircraft. This aircraft is equipped with an escape pass lighting system. In case of an emergency evacuation, the lights will illuminate, leading you to the exits.

Have a fun flight everyone!

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