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27 November 2012
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27 November 2012, Comments: 0

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The website LesPetitsFrenchies presents a selection of french brands in a trendy universe, with articles displayed like on Pinterest. Its aim is to bing to the front young entrepreneurs, who create today & tomorrow’s trends. Various concepts are laid out throught fashion, objects and flavors stores.

LesPetitsFrenchies have asked our crew a few questions, about Fly-Belts’ birth and what is our vision for the future of this project (Notice : the interview is in French. For the english version, please read below).

Find also on LesPetitsFrenchies the article about Fly-Belts aircraft belts, or how an aircraft seat belt can be redesigned as a true fashion accessory.

This is the english translation of the interview :

1) Pitch: What is the concept?

The concept is simple: Fly-Belts offers aircraft styled belts rethought as fashion accessories. The belt is just as on your plane seat, the buckle makes the same noise when you close it, but it is adapted to be worn on all types of clothing. Designed by and for frequent travelers, it show an original and international style. Each color is represented by a faraway exotic destination : Black Volcanic Jakarta, Tokyo Rising Sun Red or Blue Jodhpur Krishna. The price is 39 €.
For frequent flyers, we offer a package consisting of interchangeable belt loop and two belts to choose from available colors. The price is 59 €, the delivery still free in France.

2) Idea: Where did it come from?

I love what’s related to planes and aviation. I also love exploring the world and travel to remote places. But what I love the best is expatriation : I lived in California, Mexico, Czech Republic and now in India. Sometimes I go to the airport just to have a drink and watch the planes take off, I collect onboard safety leaflets. This passion led me to “borrow” a belt during one of my many air travels in order to wear it around the waist. I wanted to translate the travel and aviation environments that I like so much into my daily style. My friends really liked the idea, some even wanted me to “borrow” one for them … In India, living in an environment focused on the future where everything is yet to be built, raised all my barriers to business creation. Here, every Indian is an entrepreneur, manager and creative born, from the tuk-tuk driver to the young promising IT engineer. In contrast to Europe at the moment, the future is bright for all and anything can be seized as an opportunity to get there faster. I’m now expecting thanks from lots of airlines for the money saved on stolen belts during their flights !

3) Business income: How do you create revenue?

I intend to create revenue primarily through what I know best: webmarketing. Fly-Belts is not my main activity, I have always worked in the digital industry, developping traffic. It is thanks to a mix of these different channels: SEO, SEM, social media and content strategy, sponsored articles, affiliation, shared distribution, marketplaces, contests, promotions, auctions, private sales …. the choice is vast. The idea is to use the originality of the product, to expose the concept to more potential targets, beyond the natural one that are aviation & travel enthusiasts.

4) Future: What are your short-term goals (- 6 months) medium term (between 6 months and 2 years) and long term (2 + years)?

In the very short term, we will offer “Slim sized” models with a shorted width for both buckle and belt. Currently, our clients are mainly mens, because the width of the belts is more suited to a masculine style. With these Slim models, we want to expand our target with women, even children. In the medium term, we will offer other colors as well as patterns. We want to develop a range of belts customizable with a choice of size and color, engravings or customizable patterns on the belt or on the buckle. In the longer term, sky is the limit. Fly-Belts will become an airline, and we will of course offer an aircraft seat belts for any travel with us 😉

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