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28 August 2014
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28 August 2014, Comments: 0

Off the Cuff : an award-winning blog


Off the Cuff is an award-winning menswear blog, posting about stylish and elegant attributes. This leading online resource is dedicated to providing readers with thoughtful, objective, and informative advice on incorporating classic menswear and timeless style into their modern lives. They edit quality articles about the last trends in menswear, from excentric blazers to sumptuous watches, fancy preppy or dandy guides and even art suggestions. Sometimes, Off the Cuff likes to take it not too seriously and write about non-classical products.

And that’s fine; Fly-Belts is meant to be something different, whimsical, and a bit irreverent.

Off the Cuff,

And now... for Fly-Belts !

Off the Cuff loved the way how we converted the ubiquitous airline “lift to release” seat belt buckle into a clever belt for your trousers. Of course, they underline the iconic aspect and how Fly-Belts are not meant for job interviews, even if it's for an airline ! Tested in real life, our belts were notified as a great conversation starter to share travel and fashion tastes. Moreover, they found the belt actually quite comfortable and the buckle quite easy to open. The entire Fly-Belts cabin crew thanks Off the Cuff for their review and we hope to see you onboard as well.

Off the Cuff article Fly-Belts review

Blue Jodhpur - 39€
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Blue Jodhpur - 39€

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Red Tokyo - 39€


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