An unexpected Air Middle Earth Flight

25 November 2012
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25 November 2012, Comments: 0

Air New-Zealand Hobbit Safety Demo
For the release of the movie The Hobbit, Peter Jackson and his team mixed with Air New Zealand to come up with a new video of their on board safety instructions. This original spot shows up hobbits and dwarfs instead of regular passengers. Of course, the cabin crew is played by elves & the pilot by a Gandalf-like.

This video has been seen almost 10 million times, and will be broadcasted on board the flights. The safety instructions presents all the steps, as for example : “we recommend keeping your seat belt fastened throughout the journey, should you need to explore, it can always be undone. “.

The country is trying to surf on the movie to attract more tourists, as Air New Zealand presents today its B777-300ER painted for the occasion and calling themselves “The airline of Middle Earth”.


Here is the script of the entire video :

Welcome aboard this Air Middle-earth flight. Before we set out on our journey; I’d like to impart a story of safety. (shhhhh) Even if you fly with us often, be sure to keep a sharp eye on the briefing. Make sure your belongings are hidden away in the compartments above or under the seat before you.
All travelers must keep a watchful eye on the lighted signs, and follow crew instructions. If the seat belts sign is on, set yourself down and fasten your seatbelt quick smart.
Be sure that is not across your hips, but not so tight as to lose the feeling in your legs. If you are in the Skycouch row, there are special seatbelt instructions in your seat pocket.
We recommend keeping your seat belt fastened throughout the journey, should you need to explore, it can always be undone.
If an oxygen mask should fall before you, simply pull down on the mask, place over your nose and mouth and tighten by pulling the elastics on both sides. Oxygen will flow through the mask automatically. If there’re young ones around you, be sure to put your mask on before helping them. Keep a sharp eye, as there maybe others who need your help.
Should an emergency occur during takeoff or landing, press your hands on the head with the elbows on the outside of your thighs while keeping your feet flat on the floor. You can also brace yourself on the seat in front of you.
My precious.
In business premier, sit up right. Put your hands on your knees with the knees together against the wall, and your feet on the edge of the ottoman.
If you’re seated in economy and premium economy, you’ll find your lifejacket under your seat. The Skycouch has it in the top of the leg rest, and if you’re seated in business premier, you’ll find your lifejacket here beside you. Lifejackets are simple to master, take a firm hold and rip it from the bag, then place it over your head like so. Clip the straps together and tighten. This red tap inflates the lifejacket, so only pull it once you leave the aircraft. Oh! Sorry.
If you need a little more inflation, simply blow into the mouthpiece.
We shall provide lifejackets for the very young, should the need arise.
There’s no smoking allowed anywhere of any kind on this aircraft as it’s a fly hazard.
Should you need a light in darkness to help you find your way; the escape path lighting will lead you to an exit. If ever there were a need to evacuate support fellow passengers who might require help, your noble crew are now pointing out the exits.
It would be wise to note your nearest exit could be behind you. So cast your eyes about and cut the number of rows to your nearest exit. You’ll find more information on the safety card in your seat pocket. Please power off all electronic devices during takeoff and landing.
Electronic devices such as mobile phones can interfere with aircraft systems, and must not be used in-flight. Unless you switch them to flight-mode, and ensure that all cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability is turned off. Once switch to flight mode, all electronic devices must be turned off for take-off and landing.
And finally for take-off, we ask that you place your tray table back, your leg rest down, ensure your seat-back is upright unless you’re in business premier where you choose your own seat-back position. Check to see that your window shades are open and your arm rests are lowered, and be sure to fasten your seat belt. Once the story has concluded, your entertainment screen and remote control need to be put away for takeoff.
Now, sit back relax and enjoy your journey. “May the road rise up to meet you, and your beard grow ever longer. May the sun shine warm upon you … fly you fools.”

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