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21 May 2013
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21 May 2013, Comments: 0
We are proud to launch the new version of our website !

After a few months of development and content integration, the version 2 of Fly-Belts’ website is finally live ! It has been crafted to reflect more our original products : travel wear, but also fashion accessories. We hope you like our work, we tried as much as possible to enhance the user experience. The environment fits what Fly-Belts stands for : a concept for frequent flyers, accessible to anyone who loves travel all around the world.


The product pictures has been completely remade from scratch. The main weakness of our previous website was the fact that only product pictures were shown. It was hard for our visitors to get at the first look that our seat belts are made to be worn on pants and jeans. So we organized a shooting with professionals : photographer, graphic designer, models and make-up artist. The idea was to take some shots of the belts worn on real model and to add a travel/aviation environment. For more info about the talents who worked with Fly-Belts, please visit our Credits section.

The content from the previous website has been edited and is now more concise. Blog and shop sections are now in the same universe, it’s easier to get more info about what we do and what we love.

Graphic work

To make the navigation more fluent, the design has been completely upgraded to 2013 web standards. The site is responsive and can be easily seen on many devices : smartphones, tablets, or any screen size possible.
You do not need to create an account anymore to order our products. Fill directly your billing and shipping informations and proceed to payment.


The first website was build with Prestashop, an ecommerce CMS quickly growing since the past few years. For the blog section, we used a separate directory with WordPress CMS. It was quite hard to manage both site administrations, and handle all the changes that had to be duplicated each time. Moreover, Prestashop is quite complex to modify and adapt if you’re not a developer. Or if you have a restricted budget, as you need to buy much of the additional but basic plugins.
Knowing WordPress by playing a bit with it, Fly-Belts decided to take its emancipation and to build an entire new website with WordPress. For this we’ve found a great theme, Bretheon, which helped us applying our concept into a simple and efficient website skeleton. For the ecommerce functionnalities, we use a newcomer but with a great potential : Woocommerce, which is currently doing a revolution with the ecommerce web applications.

Past websites

Fly-Belts and its websites is a long story. The origin of the project dates back in India, where we started looking for a freelance to host and build us a first draft of what would become our main platform. This is what he came up with, what our website could have looked like :

Fly-Belts website first draft
Fly-Belts website first draft

So we decided to consult elsewhere. A friend who runs a small web agency in India, Avenues Consult, and he accepted to achieve our project for quite reasonnable costs. They build us our first platform, running on Prestashop. This CMS is supposed to be quite simple to use, and the results on many small other websites were amazing. However, if you’re not an expert, it is complex to manage and to perform changes if you’re not a developer. The website looked like this :

Fly-Belts old Prestashop website


Fly-Belts old Prestashop website

Shop Page

Fly-Belts old Prestashop website

Product Page

Fly-Belts old Prestashop website

Content Page

Today, we’re proud to offer you an enhanced environment for our original aircraft seat belts redesigned as fashion accessories.

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