10 September 2014
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Glamourous Traveller wears Fly-Belts

10 September 2014, Comments: 0

Glamourous Traveller has performed a deep exploration of our concept by testing all its aspects : look and feel, weight, variety of styles, downsides […]

28 August 2014
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A great conversation starter for Off the Cuff

28 August 2014, Comments: 0

Off the Cuff loved the way how we converted the ubiquitous airline “lift to release” seat belt buckle into a clever belt for your […]

15 June 2014
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Virgin Galactic invites you into space

15 June 2014, Comments: 0

The first civil flight to space will take-off by the end of the year. For this, the british billionnaire Richard Branson created Virgin Galactic, […]

30 May 2014
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Top 10 – Fictional and made-up airlines

30 May 2014, Comments: 1

Just for our frequent travelers, Fly-Belts has gathered the most notorious of fictional and made-up airlines used in movies and TV shows. From zombies, snakes, […]

27 May 2014
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Fly-Belts quoted in a famous tech newsletter

27 May 2014, Comments: 0

Today, the subject was about unusual products sold online and they wrote a review about Fly-Belts, explaining our original concept, how the idea came by “borrowing” […]

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